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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Virgin Website

Greetings all! I am finally turning my hand to creating a web page (yes, any professionals out there will no doubt laugh that this could hold any significance anymore, but it does for me). I am still working out the bugs (in me, not the system). Despite having worked in/with the Military Industrial Complex (sounds so delightfully sinister, doesn't it?) for well over half my life, every position I've ever held has already been computer-ready and well set up long before I ever arrived - all I've ever had to do was learn how to manipulate the system.

That being said, I am welcoming a chance to really assume a place online to exchange views and ideas about current events, both political and sociological (as well as trading the odd views on books and movies, music and recipes, and anything else that may come up). While I tend strongly toward the conservative (ie. minimal government involvement in our personal lives, and so on), I am always willing to entertain views and ideas from all points along the spectrum; it makes for lively debate, or occasionally some wickedly funny entertainment!
Stay tuned for more to come...


Blogger Lance said...

We appreciate your comments. Sure, send us whatever you'd like. If it fits our predominantly Islamofascist-centered agenda, we'll be glad to post it.

Have fun with your new blog and welcome to blogger.

The Muslim Question

26/6/06 2:25 PM  
Blogger GM Roper said...

Hello, got her via "OK So I'm Not Really A Cowboy" and a comment you made on his all in the mind post. I read your posts, all of them and chose this one to say well done, well thought out and well said. I'm hoping that you will stay and blog on a regular basis. You can find me at GM's Corner I'm adding you to my blog roll as you certainly appear to have something to say that I think my readers can connect with.

1/7/06 1:51 AM  

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