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Thursday, July 13, 2006

All The News That's Fit to Dodge: Fox Reporters Shot at by Israeli Forces in Gaza

In a stunning piece of crack journalism, a Fox reporter and his team were right on hand to get the story. Unfortunately, some of those details might have been just a bit too, well, detailed for the Israeli troops he was reporting on. They voiced their concern with some light gunfire, at which point, the now-prudent reporter high-tailed it away from the area. Honestly, this is something I'd have expected more from CBS or the like, but having an "off day" like this one can mean more than just coming home feeling a little run down; it can mean not coming home at all. The fact that those little blue flak jackets say "Press" on them does not confer immunity from gunfire, or for that fact, from the people firing those guns. Sic transit gloria belli...


Anonymous kufrdog said...

Enough loafing, it's been five days since your last post! Get back to work, woman!

18/7/06 4:12 AM  

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