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Sunday, July 09, 2006

And we're the Greater Satan because...?

Please forgive my absence - I've been researching the Wahhabi sect of Islam, and my simple research has netted me an avalanche of information that will take a good long while to sort through and organize. It's definitely confirmed to me that we all need to wake up and pay much closer attention to what the Saudi's have been up to, all over the world.

I was reading a story put out around the 3rd of July, wherein a poll conducted in England concluded that most British find Americans to be rude, vicious, cruel, loud, racist, class-driven, and money-obsessed people, waging an illegal war for self-interest and led by a hypocrite. The poll suggested that, while Brits might like Americans one on one, on the whole, they tend to fear us - afraid that we really are an imperialist power out to take over the world.

I found this really interesting, for several reasons: For starters, this poll comes from the country who practically invented class obsession. Except for some weenie academics, flesh mechanics and lawyers, few Americans feel the need to have KBE, OM, GCSI Esq, PDQ, ASAP, COD, or any other abbreviations listed after their names.

This poll comes from the country who gave the world its modern scourge: the Footer Yobbo, a character feared by nearly every country in the world, and banned by almost as many. This poll comes from the country that gave us Bad Girls, Mile High and Footballers Wive$, for goodness' sake!

And it comes from the country who has sheltered two viler hate-spewing radical Islamist preachers in the world, Abu Hamza (noted sponsor of the 1993 attempt on the WTC) and Omar Bakri Mohammed (deported from the UK for inciting to violence and terrorism).

Britain has one of the fastest growing populations of young Islamists in Europe. And its own native citizens feel they can no longer voice their dissent against radical jihadi speeches, protests and propaganda, because the police have been warned not to permit anyone to incense the muslim population lest there be an escalation of violence along the lines of 7/7.

Many countries in Europe are starting to realize that the concept "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", which sounded good when both they and the muslims were anti-US, doesn't sound quite so good when your cherished liberal beliefs are going to the chopping block. So much for women's rights, reproductive freedom, abortion rights, animal rights, child rights, anti-slavery laws, gay rights and gay marriage, true multiculturalism, assimilation, religious freedom (or in the case of most Euro's freedom from religion), and universal suffrage. All of a sudden the kinder, gentler liberals of Europe greet the true face of the Islam they've fostered, but instead of the kind, gentle face of moderate Islam that many of them grew up with, they see instead a face with burning eyes, devoid of any emotion at all, save burning hate for everything but Islam - their very specific, strict, narrow Islam.

Europe is at far worse risk than we are, accessible not only by their close proximity, but by their minimalist immigration laws. The Netherlands has only started to realize, since the assassination of Theo Van Gogh, the lit stick of dynamite they are playing hot potato with: their famous hospitality and permissiveness (pot, prostitutes, anything goes...) has also brought them a sizeable muslim community that not only refuses to assimilate, but in the cases of many thousand immigrants, won't even bother to learn to speak Dutch. They do not abide by Dutch law (although they will accept Dutch welfare, healthcare and subsidies), and now insist that the Netherlands adopt Shar'ia as the national law. In Belgium, muslim clerics are calling for Arabic to be made one of the official languages of the country. Germany has been struggling for decades with the large influx of Turkish immigrants, but in the wake of floods of young Arab men who bring their Islamism with them, they are also realizing they have a problem that may be beyond their own control.

Yet somehow, we are still the Greater Satan. Maybe it's something along the lines of an abused woman being frightened by the goings-on of the people down the block, because it's too scary and painful to look at her own bruises or think about what will happen when her boyfriend comes back from the bar. And as in the case of every domestic disturbance, when the policeman comes to take the boyfriend away for beating her up, she'll turn against the policeman for being too "rough" or "mean" to him - the same old story that we, as The World's Policeman, know inside and out.


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