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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ethnic Cleansing - a great new product

In defense of my somewhat lengthy hiatus, I've been combing the web and the news, taking in all the differing opinions and projections of the happenings in the ME. By now we've all weighed in with or against Israel (hopefully with), and there's been much excellent commentary about the why's and wherefore's thereof. But there are a couple of angles that haven't been addressed by anyone, other than maybe the off-hand word here or there, and those are the things I'd like to know about.

At one point while I was out this morning, a tv flashed the banner "Israel proposes conditions for cease-fire", which about knocked me down. Of course, my mind was full of other things (chores, my son with me, the awful heat, etc.) so it took me a moment to realize the tv was tuned to ... you guessed it, MSM. I hurried home to check out the real news and found out an EU negotiator had spoken with Israel's Foreign Minister, and as near as I could tell, harangued her and wrangled a highly hypothetical possibility of the potential of a possible cease-fire, or something possibly more vague than that. Tzipi Livn, Israel's Foreign Minister, seems like one tough cookie, and I can't see her coming along in halter to the EU's 'greater wisdom'.

Another thing I found out is that one of the soldiers being held by Hezbollah is a Druze. The Druze are a branch of the Ismaili sect of Islam who have a much broader view of Islam (considered heretic and anathema to orthodox muslims) that encompasses elements of Greek, Jewish and Christian philosophy (although not Sufism, as some think). They're the only muslims who serve/are allowed to serve in the IDF, which they've been doing voluntarily since 1948. Big players in the Lebanese civil war, they beat the Christian Phalangist militia and signed a treaty with them which led to the two groups becoming allies. They are centred in the Chouf Mountains, between Lebanon and Syria, and have a reputation for fierceness and brutality, as well as braveness and loyalty. I'm very curious as to where they are and what they're doing right now. How are they taking the kidnap of a fellow Druze? Are they working behind the scenes in Lebanon? What does Walid Jumblatt have to say about all of this?

As some elements of the Left grudgingly admit to Hezbollah's and Hamas's dictate to annihilate all the Jews, the phrase "ethnic cleansing" has been trotted out again. This phrase really annoys me. It's the sort of prissy little euphemism people use to distance themselves from the blood and guts, the rotting bodies and desecration and horror inherent in the act. Even "genocide" has begun to lack impact any more as used in Amnesty International and UN reports describing not only true atrocities, but acts like Israel's bombing Southern Lebanon (for which they issued warning flyers well before bombing started). Warning to the wise, folks: don't inflate your opinions by using more harsh or severe terms than they warrant, or you risk watering them down so they come to mean nothing at all. They talk about ethnic cleansing as if it was some great new kind of laundry detergent:

"Ethnic Cleansing!" Are those troublesome ethnic groups getting you down and keeping your country from having the tidy ethnic majority you prefer? Have they complicated your life with the interference of watchdog NGO's and human rights agencies, or disrupted the system of bribes and corruption that keep your country going? Just try our latest product "Ethic Cleansing"! One good shot of this, and your problems will be cleaned away, no mess, no untidy questions. It's the hot new thing that all the dictators are talking about - so don't get caught without it! Get your "Ethic Cleansing" today! --[cut to picture of smiling dictator holding product box]

Honestly, if there's one thing we can do immediately, it's take back our language. It's been hijacked by PC people who don't want to see or think about the fact that life is often ugly, and made uglier by bad people. And further, that sometimes it requires the sacrifice of good people to get rid of those bad people. The least we can do for those who are killed is give them the honour due them: acknowledge their deaths properly, rather than giving their killers a pass because giving their actions their rightful name: slaughter, might make us feel a little squeamish.


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