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Thursday, July 13, 2006

No 70's Redux Without ABBA

They're at it again. Iran, flexing its muscles (and intimating the likelihood of actual nukes now), has finally finally come into the open as the true supporter of all the little terrorist groups/states in the region, and seems set on engaging in its own little version of the 1970's redux*, but this time with a millenial twist.

*(Hasn't anyone told them that the '70's thing is just about over now, and we're getting ready to swing into a 1980's redux? Honestly, doesn't anyone in the ME keep up with the fashion mags?)

Israel is at war now, as if anyone could have doubted that eventuality. Most newspapers and talking heads relate the "atrocities" that Israel is committing, and their human rights offenses against the Palestinian people with their "unjustified" attacks. They (the world media) bemoan the deaths of so many over the life of just one (read: worthless) Israeli. Few, if any, mention the difficulties that the people of Israel are undergoing at the same time. They hide in their bunkers, and under their beds and under whatever cover they can manage, to escape the Kassam rocket attacks (which have been continuous since Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in 2004), knowing that pretty much the entire world wants them to be destroyed, knowing that even if they get help, it may not be enough, or may not come soon enough).

I certainly can't imagine what it must be like to live like that: surrounded on almost all sides by several millions of people who want tapdance through rivers of your blood as it flows in the streets. When I was young and naive, I used to get so angry because I believed that there were normal, rational workaday Palestinians whose lives had been hijacked by terrorists like Yassr Arafat. I couldn't understand why they didn't just rise up and say "This git doesn't speak for us! Hey - you! Yeah, you over there - go back home, get a job, make something of your self and stop waving that gun around, it doesn't make you look manly at all; just silly! Go home!". But I'm older, and maybe even a little bit wiser, and what I do know is what the Palestinians say in interviews: that they elected Hamas to represent them because they want to send the world a message: that they mean to carry out Hamas's stated goal.

What we must realize is that they aren't just like us, and they don't want to be. It's one of the facts that Americans can't get through our heads around - there really are people out there who don't want to work and make a living, and run their own country and make sure its government helps properly govern the country. Palestinians are those kind of people. They have been seduced and drawn in by Arab rhetoric, fed on a gluttonous diet of victimization by the UN and all the other so-called human rights groups, and fattened up on Muslim terrorist hate-speeches. Scattered and living in other countries, they were unable to vote or hold citizenship and therefore had most of their lives decided for them. It must have come as quite a shock, getting their own land, and being expected to make something of it, but after all, they had an excellent example in Israel, next-door. Why not do Israel one better, and become better than them using them as the model?

I realize that may be way over the top, sarcasm and irony-wise, but I am quite serious. Why has the Arab world never figured out the "Beat them at their own game" kind of thinking? Because it requires work, and lots of it. It would require that the Palestinians give up their macho-istic revolutionary posturing, pick up a tool or some kind of implement and get to work. They could have gotten SO much cash from the UN for any kind of set-up project to establish viable public utilities, a workable, truly viable infrastructure, any attempt to establish a basis for a national economy, just about anything they wanted, but they'd rather sit and sift through their own dirt and garbage, revelling in their filth, just for the chance to bag some Israelis and spread a little more misery. Can they be helped? At this point, I'm not even sure they should be.


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