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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A quick ponder...

Sometimes I feel as if I'm going slightly crazy. I maintain a fairly lively interest in world events, as well as in the many interpretations and analyses posited about them. I enjoy debating my views with the few people in my sphere who don't spend all their time discussing Oprah and Dr. Phil. I'm reasonably well-educated in re: the history of most situations currently in the news, and have insight into a good many things the average citizen doesn't, by virtue of past work experience.

But when I read all the news, I'm stuck wondering what alternate universe are most of the press reporting or editorializing on? Whether it's criticism of the US (which is so old hat, I suspect even that will stop making print soon), or decrying rampant Western Islamophobia (I think "Islamophobia" isn't quite the right word for most of what I've been hearing and reading from folks; the reaction to Islam isn't fear, it's disgust, annoyance, or downright loathing), or lauding the "Freedom Fighters" (how can someone be called a freedom fighter whose main mission is the genocide of all members of another religion?), a neverending parade of the most bizarre excuses and opinions are presented for the corkscrewed mind to... what, curl into a little queue?

When did such a large group of the West's population abandon reason for the sorry failed re-tread of socialism, and in so doing, subject themselves to the baroque mental gymnastics required by that ideology? The kind of loops one is put to think through would put M.C. Escher to shame. And I think the reason they always sound so angry is that they know that what they are doing and saying is wrong. Much the same way a teenager goes on the offensive when caught doing something naughty or illicit, these neo-socialists attack logical thinkers with hackneyed, highly knee-jerk terms that have lost their meanings through overuse and misuse. In worldwide protests, you see frequent comparisons of Bush to Hitler, Israel to Hitler, Rumsfeld to Hitler, or basically anyone currently out of favour to Hitler, as if that's the dirtiest word they can think of at the moment. One gets the feeling if they had come up with something like "poodle- humper" instead, that would have been on the placards. There are also the endless references to Nazism (ie. US are Nazi's, Britain are Nazi's, Israel are Nazi's) - without even continuing on to remember that "Nazi" stood for "National Socialist" Party, as in socialists, which most of them are. But when did knowledge or common sense ever come into it?

Another element of the press (notably our national press) in large part (except for lauding our international "failures" - which often aren't), is that they pretend as if nothing is going on but the upcoming elections, and the Important Issues, such as who can rake whom over the coals about spending, support of the war (which is now a Gross Failure according to common (Leftist) wisdom), support of various welfare and school spending programs, and ability to Connect With The Little Man. At this point, reading about many of the candidates up for election throughout the states (of either party), you'd probably be much better off picking a name at random from the phone book and writing it in; at least you'd stand a chance of getting someone with a work ethic and a sense of obligation to their constituents!

But when all is said and done, we know there's a big world out there, bustling with activity, and sitting here in the States, stuck home for lack of the price of a ticket, we are just going to have to do the best we can (as always - that good old American ingenuity!) and reach out around the world to those we can find (the blogosphere is a great way to do this), and try to keep ourselves posted. If only we had enough hours in the day to really stay on top, eh?...

Mark bar Filistine!!


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