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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Start the Police State Without Me

Harking back to yesterday:

Being in the military, we have of course, the most excellent of friends both in and out of the military, who sent us wonderful emails with great wishes, links, jokes and stories for Independence Day. I delighted in all of them (the emails, and of course, the friends). But being the type of person I am (the type who can't let well-enough alone), I just had to drop in on that festering pit of bile, that barometer of leftism: KosLand. I figured that they could even take something like the 4th of July (since they claim to be such "patriots - just not flag-wavers") and twist it into something hateful. True to form, they indulged me amply. A little too amply, since I was hoping I would have to dig just a little to find anything. But oh no. Immediately the imprecations against the racist, sexist, bigotted, slave-owning, evil white men who wrote that screed of evil, the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the Constitution, came out. Then came stories about what an awful guy Joe Lieberman is. Because he's not doing what the Party tells him to do. Because he actually wants to run for his own office. Talk about Night of the Long Knives. Don't let's anyone follow poor Joe into the piranha tank. And of course they are now using his good sportsmanship (congratulating his opponent's win) as evidence he needs to be dumped, and fast. Yikes. With friends like these, eh? This was followed by the obligatory anti-Bush litanies, and the now-tedious howls of outrage against the Police State we live in.
I'm still waiting for any Big Press stories of Jackbooted Thugs breaking down doors and carrying Leftist leaders, writers, activists, and (I hesitate to use the word) "thinkers", away to the gulags. All those writs of habeus corpus, sitting in drawers, getting dusty, waiting to be filled in. All those activist lawyers, their ideals buffed to a fine sheen, their rhetoric polished and to hand, their reputations just waiting to be made. The contractors waiting to build the gulags, the guards to staff them, the farmers to grow the food to supply them. Heck, I'm beginning to think they're right: maybe the Right IS depressing the economy - causing all those activists, lawyers, contractors, guards, gulag workers, farmers and all to sit idle, waiting for their chances to protest, stop showering (oh, wait, they've already been doing that...) litigate, build, get hired, grow stuff and whatnot...

Oh well, it's a dirty job, but I guess someone's got to do it. It's just that, after having 3 kids, the old black uniform is a bit "snug" in spots, and there's a spot of... I think that's peanut butter on my left jackboot, and someone's been using my hat as a dolly bed, and.... Oh, heck, you guys'll just have to start the Police State without me - I'll be along presently.


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