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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Times To Come

Having recovered from the previous (somewhat lengthy, I know - still getting the hang of this blog thing) post, I find I am still held fast by the continuing controversy as represented by the ongoing, treasonous reporting of the New York Times (NYT), and the rest of the MSM.

The MSM (our country's self-appointed morality and legality police) has circled wagons against the outrage of the government and the public, asserting the Public Right To Know, claiming the real issue/problem is really an Administration conspiracy to disenfranchise the American public, and brandishing the first amendment as a sort of shield. The MSM and the Left are looking only at the upcoming elections and, if I'm feeling really generous, possibly the ones after that, with their eyes firmly fixed on internal politics and the potential of incoming porkbarrel projects and the satisfaction of Being In Charge again. To them, the idea of a country led by George W. Bush and his administration, peopled by those who elected him is a glowing neon sign of the impending apocalypse, so everything they can do to undermine it is an heroic effort worth any sacrifice (especially the lives of others) to accomplish. I come from good redneck stock, tempered with a stubborn streak of Dutch intelligentsia, and I was brought up between life as a military brat and life in a small NW town with seriously upper-middle class pretensions (a refuge for post-Berkeley wannabe's). Yet even in these rarified atmospheres I don't think I ever heard anything as preposterous as the idea that moral equivocation is great as long as it's the "non-cool" people taking it in the shorts, rather than "us hip folk who know and care so much more".

Even more preposterously, many advocates of the Left’s failed movements (Marxism, Communism or Socialism, anyone?) believe they will, of course, be in charge When The Revolution Comes (they're smarter, they care more, they know what’s best for the rest of us). What they don't realize is that they represent everything theJihadi's stand against. It's likely they would be the first to go, as godless, self-serving (as in serving only themselves as the individual, rather than the tribe or group to which they belong), openly scorning and flouting religion and its practices as 'the opiate of the masses' (wasn't that part of the statement behind the "piss Christ"?), elevating women to a victim/cult status beyond what even the wildest imaginations could have dreamed in the early days of the Feminist Movement (before that became a pejorative term), raising up Hollywood icons as the be-all, say-all, do-all guru's of What's Right (I have to admit Britney Spears is giving me pause to consider several arguments in favour of imposing hijab, though). The only area of common ground they seem to share is a serious anti-Semitism (not a proper term, as Arabs are Semites, too; maybe anti-Jewism?), no doubt in response to the Left's elevation of muslims to Victims of the Moment. Didn't the Left and the rest of our Self-Appointed Intelligentsia used to number among them many prominent Jewish thinkers and activists? Where have they gone? Have they been left out on the stoop with the cats and the milk bottles? Should someone be passing around a collection plate?

This breaks down to so much more than just a simple hurling of insults and slappy-hands (as the lib’s would have us believe). It really is a matter of national security, and the lives of our fellow Americans, as well as those of our allies are at stake because of it. Not that the MSM gives a fig for that: all those soldiers and everyone supporting this war are obviously evil and must be exposed – and after all, they did sign on the dotted line to be willing to die didn’t they? Well, they’re just helping them out a little. All this business of national security is just an Administration cover-up to hide …(fill in the blank with whatever ridiculous accusation you care to name). These soap-opera plots of government conspiracy merely serve to confirm any and every action, statement and request made by the government. The only thing the Left believes from the government are the leaks they receive altogether too frequently. Lest anyone think that Bush is so bad even his own administration is against him, remember that much of the government is still comprised of large numbers of Clinton- and Clinton-era appointees who have no love for the Republican administration.

Conservatives (another misnomer - as most of them are not so much for refusing change as they are for minimizing government involvement in the citizen's daily life, supporting a strong capitalist economy and the like) on the other hand, do often look at the Bigger Picture. They see the US under threat of having many of its basic liberties taken away not by the will of the people, but by judicial fiat (courtesy of the ranks hardcore activist appointed judges). For example we see the PC movement and suspiciously founded and funded “human rights groups” and PAC's mounting deafening and vicious ad hominem attacks to overwhelm any person attempting to exercise his/her rights to free (read: dissenting) speech as guaranteed under the Constitution. More and more frequently we see our citizens raked over the coals for daring to state their opinions either openly (check out any local or campus postings of newspapers or speeches shut down for stating non-PC thoughts) or creatively through artistic license (Check out Dr. Sanity's post on Artist Amir Normandi's Photo Exhibit "Desire No Shackle" which was shut down in Chicago by muslim activists, or Blackfive's on USMC Lance Corporal Joshua Belile on his "Hadji Girl" video). These PC groups and PAC's garner a good deal of money by way of grants and donations (often for misrepresenting their causes to the public; I once donated my $5 allowance as a young girl to our local NOW group after being told it would be used to help further the cause of equal pay for equal work. I proudly wore the button I was given, until I discovered that the organization was using funds like mine -$5 meant something in those days- to support political candidates with some very radical (read: insane) political views and opinions in many cases contrary to the views with which I'd been brought up). They can turn their very formidable legal, media and financial resources to the prosecution of persons they charge with "hate speech". And generally, lacking necessary funds to mount even a token defense against the political machine funding the prosecution, the so-called offender is forced to retract his/her opinion and shout the party line in a Communist-style high-visibility public display, or -if they're lucky enough to win- slide into tarnished obscurity. Chalk up another judicial precedent toward the abolition of the First Ammendment, or the Second, or so on...

Outside of the US, we see a Europe overwhelmed by wave upon wave of muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate and demand that the national laws be changed to accommodate sha'ria, which they assert shall be the only law to which they’re accountable. Europeans are now experiencing negative population growth, unlike their new immigrants, thereby radically changing the entire demographic of Europe. A look through some of the bolder op ed pieces in newspapers throughout Europe shows that only now are people starting to become aware of the implications of this. European politics are being completely overset by this preponderance of muslim immigrants, who use their numbers and the threat of (or outright) violence to intimidate and silence any opposition to their views. Many of Europe’s immigration laws, dating back to the Cold War days, are lax because they were established to facilitate the flight of people seeking asylum and escaping the Communist Bloc countries. That situation no longer exists, and Europe would do well to review and thoroughly overhaul their immigration and asylum laws. And for that matter, so do we. ((Update: Holland has started reviewing and strengthening some of its immigrant policies - thank goodness the barn door is closed now that the horses have gotten out.))

We also see large gangs of young men throughout the muslim world, demonstrating for more violence, traveling throughout muslim areas fighting for this or that terrorist group, insurgency or warlord, spreading their their bile and hatred, and using their knowledge and skills (ie. at weapons and the construction and placement of IED's) to fill the lives of the peacekeepers and even the local population with bloodshed and misery. We know that, despite MSM reports, muslims are the most prolific killers of muslims. And we know that this new asymmetrical war can’t be fought and won simply and quickly on a identifiable battlefront by easily recognizable troops reporting to a known and accountable chain of command. It’s an ugly, dirty, underhanded thing that will go on for a long time. It will be fought along every front of society, and there are no non-combatants. This is an important distinction, because whether you choose to consider yourself one or not, the enemy considers you one, and that’s good enough for them. If they get their way, we will soon be in a position much like that of Israel, only our Democratic Party, lefties, liberals, PC’ers, multi-culti’s, self-appointed intelligentsia, academic elite, MSM (have I left anyone out?) will be eagerly on hand as informers for this new cultural revolution, ready to hand any “revanchist swine” or “backward thinkers” over to the mullahs for appropriate re-education. And oh, what a brave new world we shall have then…


Blogger Assistant Village Idiot said...

wonderful name, wonderful blog name; anyone who loves CS Lewis and PJ O'Rourke has to have something going for her. My guess is you're too old for my remaining three sons I'm trying to marry off (the oldest is a 23 y/o filmmaker), but you're the right template.

Thank you for you thoughtful posts at my site. As my blog bookmark list is long, I have to delete one to add one (personal rule). Yours is worth it. Hope you get traffic.

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