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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trolling for the Left... (ugh, no - toss that one back!)

In my recent travels around the web, I've begun to see more and more liberal postings (aka "trollings") on conservative sites, wherein the poster (apparently) deliberately posts things to taunt, mock or enrage the conservative audience. I think this is something we're going to see a lot more of, since one of the Left's favourite techniques is to shout and jeer down everyone who doesn't agree with them.

For example, several posters have mounted vicious ad hominem attacks on the site hosts as on Dr. Sanity and BlackFive, or with mental case/potential malign stalker Deb Frisch vs. Protein Wisdom host Jeff Goldstein. Some posters start off mildly arguing an opposite opinion, and then fall to abuse and invective when challenged on their logic or asked to present supporting data. Others go straight into the abuse, while others just hammer away with such bizarre logic you can only assume someone in an institution got into the Dr's office while the computer was still on. But the one thing they all are, is increasing.

I've noticed a couple of other similarities among these postings: randomly stated party-line opinions with no viable evidence to back them up, rapid descent into vitriolic attacks on site hosts or commenters who question their logic or research (most conservative posters on the sites I visit have very high research standards, so if you toss an opinion out, you'd better be well-prepared to defend it, regardless of your political leanings), ritual incantations of Bush-hatred or Bushitler comparisons (these are more common than Catholics crossing themselves), the aforementioned ad hominem attacks, and now a new element: gloating, as they see themselves "scoring points" off of people voicing righteous indignation at the Left's cowardice (physical and moral),stupidity and callousness, as well as the baselessness of their assertions.

What the Left doesn't see is, it isn't a game. Sometimes you hear someone say that a liberal is a conservative who refuses to grow up, but I think it goes much deeper than that: a deep self-loathing, which could exist for any of so many reasons (we're spoiled for choice here, when referring to this crowd). No wonder they scorn and disdain the first half of the 20th century; it's all about grown-ups shouldering life's burdens and taking on adult responsibilities, all the while doing twenty, thirty times what we do today. And they raised their kids, and they worked, and they fought in wars on the battlefront, or on the homefront, and they sacrificed, because they believed in what the Founding Fathers wrote, and knew their freedom carried with it an obligation, to give back for what you received. There was no self-analysing, no healing the abused inner child, none of our self-obsessed media-driven me, me, me cult of victimhood that dominates our domestic scene.

Often the Left voices a desire to leave this country to go somewhere where there isn't a fascist government whose jackbooted stormtroopers (yes, I've finally got my uniform in order!) are just about to break down their doors and haul them off to the gulags. I don't think they should have to leave their homeland: I'm all for giving them somewhere to live, so they can all gather together and make all the human rights and pc speech laws and resolutions calling the US a "great big meanie" that they want, just so long as it's somewhere we can ignore, so we can shoulder life's burdens and assume our big responsibilities and get on with life.


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