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Saturday, August 05, 2006

In The Midst Of The War Zone

Where did the idea come from that the only casualties in war are supposed to be those of military combatants? For some time now, I've been hearing the wails and cries of various groups bemoaning the horrific number of civilian casualties in the War On Terror, obviously from people with no memory for history.

Civilian casualties and deaths have ALWAYS been a deplorable side effect of war. As a matter of fact, it was only in the 20th century that the concept of the "civilian" or "non-combatant" came to be recognized and acknowledged - before that you were either unlucky or a fool to be caught in the war zone. Indeed, traffic with remaining civilians (generally in the forms of rapine and looting) was considered a form of payment in kind to soldiers way, way back in the day. To believe that you can fight a war, especially a war with the guerilla-type battles our forces fight in currently, while easily avoiding any civilian casualties is nothing short of the grossest stupidity. Even if they weren't all hiding amongst the skirts of their women with babies, along with the little children, which would obviously be asking too much of them.

Yet there is still a distinct difference in the Western policy versus the jihadist one: if/when there are civilian casualties as a result of our military actions, they're never deliberate; they're considered a failure of sorts, a mistake, and deplorable. To the jihadists, it's a cause for celebration and one of their main policy goals. (This exact same can be said for Israel vs. H'bolla - to the Israelis, any loss of life other than that of the terrorists is regretable, for the Hebl's it's just par for the course.)

And we're still the bad guys because... why, again? Oh, because we still haven't noticed how much Cindy suffered dwindled because of her fast, we've let slip our subscriptions to the NYT, and now the Administration's imposition of a merciless Christian theocracy has opened the door to our new, brutal age of Bible camps, sing-alongs, and the barbarous imposition of a barbaric new, crafts-based trade economy (Yarn weavings, and popsicle crucifixes and the like - the horror, the horror...).

For my part, I'm sticking with the Fashionistas: DOWN WITH ISLAM!! SAY NO TO HIJAB! TOSS THE BURQA ONTO THE FLAMES!! Not only are the damn things unfashionable as hell, but they clash like the dickens with my jackboots, and I've only just started to fit my Stormtrooper uniform again. (And, it would be SO mortifying if I kicked in someone's door and tripped on the damn thing on the way in!)


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