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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Che'? No way man, Jesus Hands Down!

Just a quick musing (okay, not so quick - it's me after all): I was on Assistant Village Idiot's website (also here on blogger, see link), and he mentioned how Kos wants to set up some sort of liberal mega-un-church for disenfranchised lib's, who ache for all the trappings of a well-knit, supportive, Christian community, minus all that Christ stuff and his Message (can't have all that brotherly love cluttering up the place if it means having to embrace folks who yearn to own ATV's, love anything X-treme, eat processed foods and red meat without regard to whether it's been injected with hormones or the like, love NASCAR (that liberal litmus test of white-trashdom), go to County and State Fairs, and watch shows like King of the Hill, Dog the Bounty Hunter-- or for that matter, own a closet/dresser/bedroom floor full of Big Dog or Big Johnson wear!).

They never quite get it, do they? The reason Christians (the Midwest Protestants he's referring to, I guess) gather together (even if maybe the Pastor's wife is is into everyone's business, and Brother So-and-So's Wife gossips about everyone, and the Deacon's Wife is acting above herself, and everyone is driving everyone crazy - as is so often the case in just about any group of people that gather together) is that, deep down they really do share the same belief, in the same message, and most importantly, have the same faith in God's Love. And it's that which draws and binds them together. That and the Christian tradition of loving one's neighbor, and working to help your community -- and I don't just mean with the recycling (which obviously happens to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the parrish - no one's perfect). It's that darn, pesky Jesus guy again - can't we just get rid of him?

What exactly is it that's supposed to draw and bind together the Kos Kids? Mudslinging - while fun in the actual (a good, gooey mud fight is a delight at the right time and place) is dreary and depressing as a full time activity. Complaining? That ought to be a hoot. Maybe that crowd could form its own breakaway sect and provide us with some real entertainment. The sheer viciousness and petty hatred that form the hallmark of his site (and the crowd who frequent it) are nothing but an utter degradation of the entire human condition. (And no, the cutesie comments about "pooties" cannot redeem them.) And for goodness' sakes, what on Earth will they call themselves? I can see it now: The Highly Liberal Four-Square Tabernacle of the All Democratical Kos in Whom We Kvetch. Or maybe The Most Avowedly Non-Un-Anti-In-No-Way-Possibly-Like-A-Church For the Propagation of Lofty Liberal Ideals (Java Included, Free Childcare for EarthFirst Members)... In his short yet entertaining post, AVI wonders who will come, and when, and "How long does he think people will provide free babysitting for an amorphous progressivism?"

I have a really great idea: if all these Kos-acks out there are feeling a little jealous of all those right-wing Repub's supposedly hogging all the community fellowship, why don't they crack open a Bible and actually read it? Jesus was, in many respects, quite the liberal and indeed, quite the revolutionary -- am I crazy in suggesting he could be a subversive hero figure for the new age? We know he was better looking than Che' (I mean, who isn't?), so maybe we could get all those homely undernourished college kids to burn all those dumb shirts finally... Ah, me and my pipe dreams....

I'll have to look into this thing a little more fully - sounds like quite the misadventure to me, and an opportunity for Schadenfreude you could jump into with hipwaders (unless it ever gets off the ground, in which case only deep sea gear would suffice I suspect, *chuckle*). bloop..... bloop....bloop......